Load your Harley

using a cordless tool

The cordless tool activates a self-locking, fin cooled, oil submerged worm drive. Starting from 1,950 euro excl VAT, depending on territory (see distributor list below).

Available on four continents in the world today from our resellers (see below). New variations and new models constantly coming out, as well as adapters for loading snow mobiles, cargo and jet skis. Manufactured in Europe.



Ultimate Power Ramp LLC (USA) - Importer and distributor for USA.

Berglunds Bilelektro (Norway) - Importer and distributor in Norway.

Access Needs (UK) - Distributor UK and Ireland

Crazyhorse Indian (Australia) - Australia importer.

Guzzino (Japan) - Our Japan distributor.

Motorbronx Spain - Spain distributor.

Dave Willems Custom Bikes - distributor, Netherlands, Germany