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Innovation & DESIGN

Dutch based industrial design firm delivering a range of new, innovative products to businesses interested in selling these worldwide. Two product ranges are available for sale today, the cordless tool powered motorcycle lifts, and electric boat magnetic transmission packs - more to come.

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Delivering new products ready to sell, business to business

We specialize in bringing a new design from its conceptual phase right out to manufacturing and packaging. We sell in bulk, business to business.

available from July 2020


Research &


A product can undergo several revisions until is ready to produce. The R&D effort can take years. When the product is finally ready, it may look simple. That's when we know we did the job right. The hardest thing to do is to simplify a complex problem.

Patent search

Before even envisaging a new product, we conduct extensive patent searches to make sure that nothing exactly similar already exists.


Form and function, the basics of industrial design, choice of materials, colors, they do influence clients in their decisions.


One needs not only experience, but reliable suppliers in a place with excellent logistics like The Netherlands.