Cordless tool driven

motorcycle loaders

Innovation & DESIGN

No need to draw cables for electric winches, no need to drill holes in the cargo bed to use these loaders.

They simply attach with straps to any vehicle and will lift motorcycles, snowmobiles and cargo up to 1,5 meters height (with the proper accessories).

Max load 550kg.

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Modular construction using aerospace grade alloy - 6061-T6

The loaders are fully modular, that is, they will adapt to either short or long cargo beds, different load heights and different motorcycles. They can also be used to transport cargo.

10' chopper? No problem, our ramps will adapt. In the example below, the client uses the AC 023 accessory - "chopper extender".



At this stage there are around 20 different accessories you can buy, like the AC 012 shown in the picture to the left. Using this accessory, one can simply strap the loaders to a vehicle without drilling holes in the floor.


Using extenders you can load your motorcycle in customized pick-up or adventure trucks up to 1,5 meters' height.


There are adapters for snowmobiles, trikes, jet skis and flat bed cargo loaders.


Aerospace grade alloy (6061-T6) anodized black. Steel parts are first zinc plated and then powdercoated.